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Susten Gel - 1.35 gm (Crinone)

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US Brand NameCrinone
Strength1.35 gm
Generic NameProgesterone
ManufacturerSun Pharma, India
Pharmaceutical FormTube/s


Susten Gel 1.35gm
Susten Gel contains a female growth hormone and is used to control menstrual cycle and ovulation.

How it works?
Susten Gel inhibits over growth in the uterine lining in women who are in the post menopausal stage getting estrogen via hormone replacement. This gel is used to effect the monthly periods in the ladies who have not reached the menopausal stage and have stopped getting periods due to progesterone deficiency.

Important information about Medicine
Progesterone helps regulate menstruation and ovulation in females and initiate periods in the ladies who have stopped getting periods.

Dosage information
Take the dosage as prescribed by the physician. The doctor would generally recommend using Susten Gel for 5-10 days during the menstrual cycle.

Strengths available
Susten Gel is available at the store in the strength of 1.35gm

What if you miss a dose?
In case, you miss the dose take it as soon as you remember.

What if you overdose?
Overdose of Susten Gel might cause serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately in case you have taken dose more than the prescribed one.

Things to be taken care of
Susten Gel is to be taken by ladies above the age group of 12 years. For males this medicine is strictly contraindicated. For ladies suffering from breast cancer or blood clot formation, use of Susten Gel needs to be avoided. Patients suffering from stroke or heart attack should not use this gel. Usage of Susten Gel during pregnancy might cause harm to the fetus, thus the use should be restrained during that period. Patients with a history of high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure should not use Susten Gel.

Side Effects
Being a hormone, Susten Gel might show some minor to moderate side effects in few females, these include:
• Unusual weight gain or loss
• Swelling in limbs
• Dizziness
• Loss of hair on head
• Headache
•Lots of body and face
• Chest pain
• Unusual vaginal discharge
• Vaginal bleeding

If any of these side effects reach the intolerance level, the doctor needs to be consulted immediately.

Interaction with other drugs
Susten Gel like any other medicine can interact with other drugs leading to uneasiness and other side effects. This medicine might show interactions with:
• Herbal products
• OTC vitamin pills
• Anti seizure medicines such as phenytoin and carbamazepine
• Antifungal drugs rifabutin, itraconazole and rifamycin

In case, you are taking medicine for diabetes, blood pressure or if you are allergic to any drugs, make sure that you inform your physician about the same. Do not start or stop any medicine while using Susten Gel and make sure that you complete the course. Even herbal formulations or multivitamin supplements might cause interactions, avoid taking this when using this medicine.


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