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Femilon - (0.02+0.15)mg (Mercilon)

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US Brand NameMercilon
Generic NameEstradiol + Desofestrel
ManufacturerInfar Pharma, India
Pharmaceutical FormTablet/s


FEMILON – (0.02+0.15mg)
FEMILON is a female oral contraceptive prescribed for prevention of pregnancy.

How it works?
The two hormones estrogen and progestin present in this medicine prevent ovulation from occurring during the menstrual cycle. Intake of this medicine thickens the vaginal fluid and due to this sperm fails to the reach the egg thus pregnancy does not occur.

Important information about Medicine
Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol prevent pregnancy by thickening of the uterine wall so that the fertilized egg does not attach to it and if flushes out of the body.

Dosage information
The doctor would decide on the dosage and one needs to follow the instructions without a fail. The dosage should not be altered in any way as it could lead to adverse reactions and side effects.

Strengths available
FEMILON is available in the strength of 0.02+0.15mg at our store online

What if you miss a dose?
Try and take FEMILON at the same time daily as with this the chances of skipping the dose would reduce. However, if you miss the dose out of a reason immediately take the dose but make sure that the time to next dose is not close.

What if you overdose?
Do not alter the dosage and in case you overdose immediately get in touch with your doctor or local pharmacist or even a nearby hospital for help if you feel uncomfortable.

Things to be taken care of
FEMILON falls in FDA category X and thus should not be taken by the females who want to conceive or the ones who are pregnant as this might cause fetal harm to the fetus. This medicine should not be used by lactating mother unless instructed by the doctor.

Intake of this oral contraceptive is contradicted in conditions such as undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, blood clot disorders, untreated endometriosis, breast or cervical cancer, liver tumors and hypertension. Patients with the history of diabetes or heart risk or those who have been operated for a surgery need to inform doctor about the ongoing medicines before taking FEMILON.

Side Effects
Some side effects that have been reported by some females taking FEMILON are:

• Breast tenderness or enlargement
• Missed menstrual period
• Change in weight or appetite
• Cramps and bloating.
• Dizziness
• Mood swings
• Severe allergic reaction including hives
• Respiratory and circulatory symptoms
• Shortness of breath
• Vaginal spotting
• Fungal infection
• Vaginal inflammation

These signs and symptoms need to be reported immediately to the doctor.

Interaction with other drugs
FEMILON might show minor to major interactions with several prescribed, non prescribed drugs and even with some herbal formulations. Intake of this contraceptive is contradicted with aromatase inhibitors, drugs used to treat seizures and HIV medicines. In case you are taking medicine for diabetes, hypertension or thyroid don’t start taking FEMILON without informing your doctor.


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