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Cerazette - 0.08mg (Cerazette)

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US Brand NameCerazette
Generic NameDesogestrel
ManufacturerNV Organon, Netherland
Pharmaceutical FormTablet/s


Cerazette - 0.08mg
Cerazette is an oral contraceptive used to prevent pregnancy in women. This medicine is meant for the females allergic to hormone estrogen.

How it works?
Cerazette essentially works by preventing the male sperms from reaching the uterus or womb. This mini pill can be used by women on regular basis as a mode of contraception if they do not want to go with other options.

Important information about Medicine
Progestogen Desogestrel works by preventing pregnancy from occurring by stopping the sperms from reaching the womb and not by stopping the fertilization of eggs from occurring and this trait distinguishes this oral contraceptive from others.

Dosage information
Cerazette is a prescription only pill so make sure that you do not stat taking it without consulting your doctor. Usually the doctor would prescribe you to take one pill daily, however he or she might alter this from time to time looking into health, age and other medical factors.

Strengths available
Cerazette is available at our store in the strength of 0.08mg

What if you miss a dose?
As you need to take Cerazette once in 24 hours you can immediately take it when you remember just make sure that the time to next dose is at least 12 hours away.

What if you overdose?
In case overdose occurs you need to get in touch with your nearby medical emergency center or local pharmacist if symptoms such as nausea, headache or dizziness bother you.

Things to be taken care of
Prior to starting with the intake of Cerazette you need to consult your doctor as this medicine might show contradictory results with several health conditions. You need to inform your doctor about your complete medical history and the medicine that you are currently taking before you start taking Cerazette. This medicine is not meant for the ones who wish to conceive or those who are already pregnant as this might harm the baby. If breast feeding consult your doctor and he would decide on the dosage. Medical conditions in which this oral contraceptive should not be taken are blood clots, cholasma, jaundice, heart diseases and diabetes.

Side Effects
Although no fatal side effects have been reported, still, there are some people that have reported the following ones with the intake of Cerazette:

• Cysts in ovaries
• Vomiting
• Dizziness
• Unexpected weight increase
• Appetite changes
• Painful menstrual periods
• Infection in vagina
• Irregular vaginal bleeding

If any of these symptoms persist for long get in touch with your doctor immediately.

Interaction with other drugs
Do not start or stop any medicine while taking Cerazette as due to this interaction might occur. The ingredients present in this mini pill might interact with:

• Anti-seizure medications like primidone and carbamazepine
• Antibiotics like rifabutin
• Antidepressants like st john's wort

Make sure that you inform your doctor in case you want to start a new medicine so that he or she can alter the dosage of this contraceptive.


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