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Synclar - 500mg (Biaxin )

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US Brand NameBiaxin
Generic NameClarithromycin
Pharmaceutical FormTablet/s



Synclar is an antibiotic that treats bacterial infections caused by both gram positive and gram negative microorganisms and other mycobacteria too. The conditions for which this medicine is prescribed are tonsillitis, laryngitis, throat infections, bronchitis, skin infections and pneumonia.


How it works?

This antibiotic binds with 50S subunit of bacterial ribosome thus inhibiting the translocation. This antibiotic gets widely distributed in the body thus stopping the bacteria from growing.


Important information about Medicine

Clarithromycin is a member of the macrolide antibiotics.  

Dosage information

Prescribed dosage in adults varies from 250mg to 500mg twice a day for 7 to 10 days. The doctor would decide on the dosage and length of the course considering factors such as severity of infection, condition of the patient and infection type.


Strengths available

Synclar is available in two strengths 250mg and 500mg.


What if you miss a dose?

Do not miss even a single dose of this antibiotic. In case, you miss to take the medicine, take it as soon as you remember. Try and maintain a time gap suggested by the doctor between two dosages.


What if you overdose?

Overdose of this antibiotic might prove toxic. Always take the dosage prescribed by the doctor, in case, you take multiple doses by mistake, visit your nearest medical center or talk to your doctor for help and advice.


Things to be taken care of

Synclar is a pregnancy category C drug, thus should not be used unless instructed by the doctor. In case, you are trying to become pregnant or lactating your child, inform your doctor before taking Synclar. This medicine contains tartrazine dye and if you are allergic to it, do not take this medicine. Patients with cardiac abnormalities, renal impairment or hepatic dysfunction need to discuss affects of this medicine before starting with the intake.


Side Effects

Possible side effects that could bother you when taking Synclar:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abnormal taste
  • Epigastric pain
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Pseudomembranous colitis
  • Elevated hepatic enzyme

Do not take any of these symptoms lightly, inform your doctor and get immediate medical attention.


Interaction with other drugs

Intake of drugs such as Terfenadine, Concomitant, Carbamazepine and Theophylline might cause interactions with Synclar. There are some drug with which the intake of Synclar might lead to toxicity such as rhabdomyolysis, lovastatin, atorvastatin, calcium channel blockers metabolized by CYP3A4 and colchicines. Complete caution needs to be exercised by the patients taking any medicine as they need to inform the doctor before starting with Synclar. Avoid taking this medicine immediately after taking an antacid as this might also lead to interferences. Do not consume alcohol till the course for Synclar completes and the infection gets treated completely. 


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