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Lipicard - 200mg ( Tricor )

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US Brand Name Tricor
Generic Name Fenofibrate
Manufacturer USV Ltd.
Pharmaceutical FormCapusles


What is Lipicard

Lipicard drug well known with a name Finofibrate which is cholesterol (LDL or bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (fatty acids) reducing drug. This medicine is used for the treatment of dyslipidemia. It is prescribed with a proper obesity reducing regimen to treat high cholesterol present in blood and high triglyceride (fatty acids) levels.


Why Fenofibrate

It decrease the LDL cholesterol levels in the body which further reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular health ailments. This drug is prescribed along with a proper low fat diet to treat high cholesterol and its effects. This drug not only prevents the triglyceride effect but it may also bring down the risk of pancreatitis with high blood triglyceride level.  Fenofiberate belongs to a class of drugs referred as ‘fibrates’. The drug is sold under various names including Tricor, Lipicard (manufactured by USV), and Fenolip (manufactured by Cipla).


How Fenofibrate works

The cholesterol lowering ability in this drug is helpful to treat Hypercholesteremia. Fenofibrate activates peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha (PPAR-a) which triggers lipoprotein lipase and decreases apoprotein CII that increases lipolysis and eliminates triglyceride rich particles from plasma. Thus, it helps patients to improve high density lipoproteins i.e. good cholesterol in the blood flow.


Important details about Fenofibrate

You should not use Fenofibrate in the treatment of high cholesterol if you are strictly allergic to it. If you have following kinds of conditions: liver disease, gall bladder disease, severe kidney disease, if you are on dialysis, or if you are breast feeding a baby, you should inform your doctor about all these in advance. Always make your doctor aware about your heart disease, diabetes, a thyroid disorder, or a history of pancreatitis or liver disease if you might have.


You should limit the alcohol consumption because it can increase the level of triglyceride which in turn may be harmful for your liver while you are under the medication of Fenofibrate. Immediately consult your doctor if you have undetermined pain in muscles, tenderness, or weakness especially if you also have fever, unusual fatigue, and dark colored urine. In rare situations, Fenofibrate can lead to devastating conditions such as breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue (Rhabdomyolysis). It is a FDA pregnancy category C drug. It might be not known whether it would cause any harm to an unborn baby if taken during the pregnancy. You must consult your doctor before using this medication because it can cause harmful effects if you are breast feeding.


Before taking Fenofibrate

Always aware your doctor about heart disease, diabetes, a thyroid disorder, or a history of pancreatitis or liver disease before taking Fenofibrate (Tricor, Lipicard, Fenolip) medicine.


Dosage Information

You must swallow the whole tablet with a glass of water, do not crush or chew it. This drug is taken once a day. It is the best practice to take a medicine at the same time daily to get the good results. All medicines come along with a leafleft, go through that prescription and then take the dose.


Fenofibrate is a full dose medicine for blood pressure which includes diet regimen, exercises, and other medicines. So, you should follow the proper regimen advised by your doctor to ensure cholesterol level remains balanced. Also, if you are having complimentary pills like cholestyramine, colestipol, or colesevelam, to decrease cholesterol, take them at least 1 hour after or 4 hours before taking Fenofibrate.


Note: Fenofibrate dosage may depend on range of factors like age, sex, allergies associated with drugs or seriousness of the conditions. Your dosage must be properly examined by the doctor.


What if you overdose

If you take many pills and experience conditions like dizziness, weaknes, fatigue, irregular beating of heart, then you may need urgent medication treatment.


What if you miss the dose

Take the medicine as soon as your remember. But, if the next dose time is near then avoid it and take the next dose on correct time. Make sure not to double the dose to compensate the missing one. 


Things and activities to avoid

Limit the consumption of alcohol while under the medicinal treatment of Fenofibrate. You should ask your doctor for any other restrictions in the treatment.


What are its Side Effects

All medicines have side effects, sometimes they become very extreme when not be taken care or checked by the doctor. Some common side effects of Finofibrate are diarrhea, constipation, heart burn, headache, pain in back, arms and legs. While some serious issues are-

  • Skin blistering
  • Joint pain
  • Rashes and hives
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Redness, swelling and warmth in leg
  • Breath shortness  

In abnormal parameters, Fenofibrate may cause a severe lowering of HDL or good cholesterol which is as opposite as the drug should result. Your cholesterol level must be checked when you are taking this medicine on regular basis.


Interaction with other drugs

Always inform your doctor about other medicines which you are taking till date. Some blood thinner like warfarin, medicines to treat bowel disorder, immunosuppresors, antiviral medications, chemotherapy, pain or arthritis medications (aspirin), or injected antibiotics may interact with fenofibrate. Inform your doctor about these medications and never start new medicine without consultation.    


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