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Levoflox - 750mg (Levaquin )

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US Brand NameLevaquin
Generic Name Levofloxacin
Manufacturer Cipla
Pharmaceutical FormTablet/s


Levoflox 750mg

Levoflox is an antibiotic used for treating bacterial infections.

How it works?

Levoflox controls and stops the growth of bacteria, thus fighting the infection completely. It is known that bacteria tend to multiply and grow fast, with this antibiotic the growth stops and within some time the infection too cures. This antibiotic falls within the category of fluoroquinolones.


Important information about Levofloxacin

Levofloxacin is used to treat urinary infections, infections in joints and in other parts of the body such as lungs, skin, ear ways and bones. This medicine is also effective in treating infection called by E.Coli that usually leads to diarrhea. Apart from this, levofloxacin is also used for treating mastitis and inhalation anthrax.


Dosage information

Levoflox needs to be taken orally once a day or as recommended by the doctor for at least 2 weeks. However, length of the course would depend on the severity of the infection and how the response arrives. You can take this tablet without or with food, just make sure that you take in plenty of water. It is recommended to complete the course so that the infection does not reoccur.


Strengths available

This antibiotic is available in the strength of 750mg


What if you miss a dose?

To fight the infection completely, make sure that you do not miss on the dose and if you do take the medicine as soon as you remember.


What if you overdose?

Follow a daily schedule of taking the medicine at a same time daily this would prevent you from taking in a double dose, if you still do, call us your doctor immediately.

Things to be taken care of

Levoflox is one such antibiotic that might not suit all, thus people with nervous system disorders should not take this medicine. One can develop sensitivity to sunlight while taking this medicine so exposure to direct sun light needs to be avoided.

For anyone with diabetes, this medicine is not recommended as it tends to bring down the body’s glucose levels and would interact badly with insulin or any other diabetes medicine. If you are pregnant or lactating or trying to conceive, discuss with your doctor before taking this medicine.

Side Effects

Probable side effects of Levoflox include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Oral thrush
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain or bloating
  • Vomiting

If any of these symptoms persist, the doctor needs to be consulted immediately. Symptoms such as chest pain or swelling, skin allergy and rashes need to be reported immediately and the intake needs to be stopped till the time these ease out.


Interaction with other drugs

Calcium, iron and zinc can stop absorption of Levoflox in the intestine to the blood. Antacids should not be taken 2 hours before or after the medicine as these could react with the medicine. 


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