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Glucobay - 25mg (Precose)

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US Brand NamePrecose
Strength 25mg
Generic NameAcarbose
ManufacturerBayer HealthCare AG
Pharmaceutical FormTablet/s


What is Acarbose?

Acarbose is a medicine specifically for diabetic patients. It slows down the carbohydrates’ metabolism that is present in our body. As a result, it controls the blood sugar levels. Acarbose is recommended to those people who are suffering from diabetes. It is consumed with insulin or other oral diabetes medications for effective diabetes management. It may also be prescribed for other conditions not listed here.


How to use Acarbose

This medicine is consumed through mouth thrice in a day at the start of the diet during each main meal as recommended by the doctor.


Important information about Acarbose

Acarbose is to be taken with appropriate diet and with the exercise program to control high blood sugar in diabetic people. Controlling high blood sugar protects you in the prevention of blindness, nerve problems, loss of limbs, kidney damage and sexual related problems. Proper control of diabetes may also lessen your risk of a heart attack or stroke.


Dosage information

The dosage is dependent on your weight, medical condition and response to the therapy. You can slowly increase the dose to discover the most appropriate dose that suits you. The specialists always recommend to not to consume more than 300 milligrams each day. Take the medicine regularly to avail most benefits out of it. Never consume twice when you miss it.


Strengths available

Acarbose can be used extensively with other medications like insulin, Metformin, Sulfonylureas like Glipizide to control diabetes as these medicines functions in different ways.


What if you miss a dose?

If you forget taking the medicine, take it immediately when you realize. Rather than taking the medicine also, take it with any bite etc. If you miss the dose one day, do not worry, try avoiding missing it and take it regularly on priority basis. To get the best expected results, keep on continuing eating properly in your daily diet, do exercise habitually and keep checking your blood or urine sugar levels as recommended by your family doctor. 


What if you overdose

In case of overdose, please immediately approach your local poison control centers. If the victim has stopped breathing or is collapsed, immediately call local emergency services at 911.


Things to be taken care of

Acarbose may cause excessive decrease of blood sugar levels. Not you only but your family members must be acquainted with the difference between consumption of other medicines with Acarbose.


Side Effects

The adverse side effects can be like clumsy or jerky movements, shakiness, lightheadedness or dizziness, panic, irritation, behavior vary and hunger etc.


Interaction with other drugs

Hyperglycemia may increase if you will take Acarbose with other medications. Therefore, always notify your specialists before taking any other set of medications. 


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