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Dorzox T - 5 ml Eye Drop (Cosopt)

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Dorzox Eye Drop

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US Brand NameCosopt
Strength5 ml Eye Drop
Generic NameDorzolamide Hydrochloride-Timolol Maleate
ManufacturerCipla, India
Pharmaceutical FormEye Drop/s


Dorzox T 5ml Eye Drop

Dorzox T eye drops are used to treat intraocular pressure in the patients who are either suffering from glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Regular usage of this medicine helps manage and alleviate the symptoms, thus bringing in relief.

How it works?

Dorzolamide Hydrochloride present in Dorzox T eye drops reduces the amount of fluid in the eyes and an immediate result of this is that the eye pressure comes down. On the other hand, Timolol Maleate provides relief from the symptoms of glaucoma and high intraocular pressure.

Important information about Medicine

Dorzolamide Hydrochloride-Timolol Maleate, this combination acts as a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Dorzox T eye drops work by lowering down pressure in the eyes which prevents gradual vision loss. Regular intake tends to control the signs and symptoms of glaucoma.

Dosage information

Dorzox T eye drops need to be used thrice a day or as directed by the doctor. The doctor would decide on both the dosage and length of treatment looking at the condition of the patient and response coming from the medicine.

Strengths available

Dorzox T eye drops are available in the strength of 5ml on our website.

What if you miss a dose?

Try to take every dose on time, in case you miss one and find that the time to next dose is not near you can take on the missed one.

What if you overdose?

In case, you feel that you have taken an extra dose, consult with your doctor and seek medical assistance.

Things to be taken care of

Dorzox T eye drops are to be used strictly under a doctor’s instructions and make sure that you maintain complete hygiene while using this. Do not put the eye drops on contact lenses and maintain a time gap of at least 15-20 minutes before you wear lenses. Try not to indulge in the activities that would put stress on the eyes or require alertness. Always maintain a time gap of 10-15 minutes when putting Dorzox T eye drops in both eyes.

Side Effects

No major side effects of Dorzox T eye drops have been reported so far, however the minor to moderate ones that would bother some and not all are:

  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Burning or stinging in eye
  • Dropping eyelid
  • Bitter or unusual taste in your mouth
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Crusting of your eyes or eye lids
  • Redness in the eye
  • Swelling in the eye

If you feel uncomfortable using Dorzox T eye drops go and consult your doctor immediately.

Interaction with other drugs

The constituents present in Dorzox T eye drops might interact with oral beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, anti-depressants and oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Make sure that you inform your doctor about the medicines that you are taking and do not start taking any new medicine while using Dorzox T eye drops. 


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