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9 PM Eye Drop - 2.5ml (0.005%)

9 PM Eye Drop - 2.5ml (0.005%) (Xalatan Eye Drops)

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Latanoprost + Benzalkonium Chloride

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9 PM Eye Drop - 2.5ml (0.005%) $17.5900New
US Brand NameXalatan Eye Drops
Strength2.5ml (0.005%)
Generic NameLatanoprost + Benzalkonium Chloride
ManufacturerCipla, India
Pharmaceutical FormEye Drop/s


9 PM Eye Drop 2.5ml

9 PM Eye Drops are used for treating high pressure in the eyes caused due to glaucoma and hypertension. The eye drops help control the level of fluid in the eyes whilst lowering down the eye pressure.  

How it works?

9 PM Eye Drops are usually prescribed in the case of glaucoma and high IOP and brings down the high fluid amount in eyes which if untreated might even lead to blindness. These eye drops also work as an antiseptic preventing any kind of eye infection from occurring.

Important information about Medicine

Latanoprost and Benzalkonium Chloride is the combination present in these eye drops. These eye drops are usually prescribed in the condition of high ocular pressure.

Dosage information

The doctor would set the dosage considering some important factors such as condition of the patient, amount of fluid and overall response to other drugs. Always remember, do not make any changes to the dosage prescribed by the doctor as this could aggravate the condition.

Strengths available

9 PM Eye Drops are available in the strength combination of 2.5ml on our website

What if you miss a dose?

In order to ensure that not even a single dose of 9 PM Eye Drops is missed, try and administer these at the same time daily. However, if you miss on the dose you can take it as soon as you remember.

What if you overdose?

Although the chances of overdose are minimal, make sure that you do not modify the dosage prescribed by the doctor. In case, you overdose, seek immediate medical assistance without a fail.

Things to be taken care of

9 PM Eye Drops should not be administered while wearing contact lenses. Make sure that you read the label carefully and follow the instructions precisely. Wash your hands before administering the dose and do not touch the tip of the dropper.

Side Effects

9 PM Eye Drops might lead to several minor to moderate to major side effects, including blurred vision, dry eyes, headache, nausea, swelling or redness in the eye, sensitivity to light, crusting of your eyes or eye lids, fever and chills. Seek immediate medical assistance from your health care provider in case any of these signs and symptoms is noticed.

Interaction with other drugs

The constituents present in 9 PM Eye Drops might cause interactions with other drugs so make sure that you inform your doctor about the medicines you are taking or have taken in the recent past. Make sure that you do not start or stop any medicine while taking 9 PM Eye Drops as this might also lead to interactions. Do not use any other eye drops with these without talking to your doctor. 


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