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Ipravent Respules - 2 ml (Atrovent respules)

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Ipratropium Bromide

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US Brand NameAtrovent respules
Strength2 ml
Generic NameIpratropium Bromide
Pharmaceutical FormRespules


Ipravent drug available under the generic name of Ipratropium Bromide is a type of antocholinerhic bronchodilator. This type of medication has obtained its wide applications to allow easy breathing processes in people suffering from varying diseases like emphysema and asthma. Even the drug has proved to be helpful in curing problems of chronic obstructive bronchitis.


How it works?

Ipratropium Bromide relaxes muscles present nearby the passage of air and in turn helps in increasing airflow towards lungs. In this way, the medication course improves breath conditions in patients suffering from asthma and related breathing issues. In addition, few medical experts have claimed that the medicine is useful for treatment of several other critical conditions related to breathing process in human beings. 


Important information about Ipratropium Bromide

Before you should move forward to inhale this type of medicine, it is essential to collect important information about Ipratropium Bromide. Firstly, one should never use the medicine if he or she is allergic to atropine or ipratropium. In addition, you should essentially inform medical expert if you have urination or glaucoma problems before start using Ipravent.

Reports related to this generic drug revealed that the medication is unable to perform its functions in rapid manner for treatment of already happened asthma attack. In such conditions, it is essential for a person to go for fast acting type of inhalation medicine.


Dosage Information

One should choose for the dosage of Ipravent or Ipratropium Bromide according to the prescription given by doctor. The reason for this is that dosage will differ largely depending on many factors, which include severity of patients’ condition, sex, age and similar others.


Strengths Available

Ipravent dosage is available to users in the strength of 2ml.


What if you miss a Dose?

If you miss your regular dose because of unavoidable reasons, you may inhale it just you remember about it provided an adequate gap for the next dosage. In contrast, if your upcoming dose is overdue within lesser duration, forget about your skipped dose and avail of the next one according to schedule. Never go for double doses in order to compensate for missed dose.


What if you overdose?

If you mistakenly taken overdose and experience any critical health condition, you should move ahead to avail of emergency medical help or call up your family doctor in no time.


Things to be taken care of

Patients should essentially take proper care about the preservation of Ipratropium Bromide or Ipravent medicine. This means, individuals should store the medicinal canister away from intense heat of direct sunlight and open flame. In both of the cases, canister will explode in case it becomes extremely hot. Other than this, it is essential for you to deal with empty inhaler in right way. In fact, you should never burn or puncture any empty inhaler canister. You should store Ipravent inhaler device and the medicine in dry and in cool place.


Side Effects

Ipratropium Bromide may cause few side effects in patients. These include allergic reactions in the form of breathing difficulty, hives, swelling in lips, mouth, face, throat and tongue. In addition, the medication causes bronchopasm problem commonly referred as wheezing or chest tightness, pain in eyes, blurred vision, burning or painful sensation during urination, viewing of halos across lights and deterioration of various original symptoms.


Interaction with other drugs

Tolterodine, Fesoterodine, Solfenacin and similar other types of bronchodilator medicines may easily interact with Ipratropium Bromide generic medicine. Hence, if you already intake any of these aforementioned medicines, you should tell your family doctor before choosing regular course of Ipravent.



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