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Hostacycline - 250mg

Hostacycline - 250mg (Sumycin )

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US Brand NameSumycin
Strength 250mg
Generic NameTetracycline
Manufacturer Aventis
Pharmaceutical FormTablet/s



HOSTACYCLINE is used to both prevent and treat infections caused by bacteria. This medicine treats infections of the urinary tract along with the infection in intestines. Other infections for which this medicine is used include gonorrhea, acne, anthrax, chancroid, sylhillis, brucellosis and Chlamydia.


How it works?

HOSTACYCLINE inhibits protein synthesis, thus exerting antimicrobial affect on the infection. This medicine works on the bacteria present in the body and thus fights infections.


Important information about Medicine (Tetracycline)

Known with the generic name of Tetracyline hydrochloride, this medicine is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis.


Dosage information

A dose of 1 to 2 gm of HOSTACYCLINE needs to be taken empty stomach in case of sever infections. However in mild infections a dosage of 500mg in a day is recommended in adults. Make sure that the medicine is taken with plenty of water few hours before going to bed to avoid conditions such as oesophageul ulceration.


Strengths available

HOSTACYCLINE is available in the strength of 250mg


What if you miss a dose?

Make sure that you do not miss on the dose to get relief from the infection completely within a short time. In case you discover that a dose has been missed, take it immediately.  

What if you overdose?

Do not take double doses and in case you do this by mistake, call up your doctor immediately. In case you notice wheezing, nausea or swelling all over the face or lips, this could be an indication of drug overdose and the poison center needs to be contacted immediately.

Things to be taken care of

You need to inform your doctor about the medicines that you are taking before you start with the intake of HOSTACYCLINE. This medicine should not be given to kids below the age of 8. Make sure you inform your doctor if you are allergic to any drugs or have issues such as sore throat or cough. Do not consume alcohol while taking this medicine.

For people sensitive towards any kind of tetracylines this medicine is not recommended. This medicine comes under Category D of pregnancy and thus not recommended to pregnant ladies as it could cause harm to the baby. Even the lactating women are strongly recommended to avoid taking this medicine.


Side Effects

Common side effects of taking HOSTACYCLINE include belly pain, loose stools, nausea, discoloration of teeth, exfoliative dermatitis, glossitis, epigastric distress, onychlosis and fever rash. As soon as any of these are noticed the intake of the drug needs to be stopped and one needs to rush to the doctor without any further delay.


Interaction with other drugs

HOSTACYCLINE when used with other medicines can lead to severe side effects, thus one needs to inform the doctor about all those medicines that are already been taken. 


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